Saturday, April 29, 2017

Next Stop: Toronto

On my journey to find a way to manage my dystonia am am seeking treatment in June 2017 with Dr. Joaquin Farias.

Dr. Farias holds group dystonia workshops in Toronto, Canada and I feel like I want to try every avenue before considering Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. All of the treatments I have tried thus far have been helpful but the progression is slow. I am not a patient person and I want my life back. I've read his book "Limitless. HOW YOUR MOVEMENTS CAN HEAL YOUR BRAIN. An Essay On The Neurodynamics Of Dystonia." three times already trying to absorb all of the information and regain some hope that I will live a normal life again. All of my doctors are super-supportive of my upcoming trip and hope that Dr. Farias can find the missing piece to my dystonic puzzle.

To learn more about Dr. Farias please visit his website.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Muscles and Anatomy - Trying to figure out my Dystonia

I found a wonderful webpage that I wanted to share that shows muscle identification. I am trying to educate myself on which muscles are pulling and dystonic. I want to be prepared for my next round of Botox and for my upcoming appointments to better explain exactly where I feel the pulling and pain instead of pointing to a general area and hoping the doctors can figure it out.

You can access the page by clicking HERE.