Wednesday, February 10, 2016

July, 2015

I'm sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering where to begin. 

I just finished watching a documentary about the life of Kathleen Hanna called "The Punk Singer". It is a great documentary and is available on Netflix.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen in the early nineties when the band I was in, the Barbed Wire Dolls were lucky enough to be the opening act for her band Bikini Kill
I remember being amazed that she knew all about our band and that she was a big fan of ours. She was so incredibly sincere and genuine that it made a lasting impression. I was floored and will never forget that show.


Back then (1990's) it was hard to stay in touch with people you met. There was no internet, just postcards and telephones. I never saw her in person again. I watched the documentary about this amazing woman who had the world by the balls and was completely fearless. So many emotions were running through me as I watched this. Pride, envy, awe, and sadness and generally missing that feeling of being carefree and unstoppable that only youth provides. 

Seeing Kathleen struggle with her late-stage Lyme disease in this documentary made me feel connected to someone who can understand having their life and creative force ripped away and fighting every day to try to get it back. I love that once again she put herself out there and shows the brutal truth of chronic pain and illness. I am so happy for her that she was able to come back strong. GO Kathleen, GO!