Saturday, February 13, 2016

My disorder is called Meige’s Oromandibula Syndrome and has caused a secondary disease called Cervical Dystonia.

My disorder is called Meige’s Oromandibular Syndrome and has caused a secondary disease called Cervical Dystonia. For the past 10-15 years I have been struggling with various symptoms trying to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately, Meige’s syndrome is almost impossible to diagnose and cervical dystonia can only be diagnosed once it is visibly noticeable. In the beginning, my symptoms began as migraine type headaches and muscle cramps. I have always had trouble sleeping and felt like someone had poisoned me. 

In 2004 I decided to get braces because my teeth had started to crack. My orthodontist said that I was grinding and  clenching my teeth while I slept. In February of 2009 I was 40 years old finally about to graduate with my degree in Interior Architecture from Chatham University. I was in the last month of my internship at The Design Alliance Architecture Firm. I also found out I was pregnant with my second child. There was also the recession going on so I was basically screwed as far as getting a design job. I ended up waiting tables until my eighth month and then I ran out of gas. During my pregnancy I was very emotional and felt “off”. I would wake up with night sweats and my feet and hands would cramp-up while I was sleeping. Once again, normal symptoms of pregnancy-so I just went with it.

My son Micha was born in November of 2009. One month later on his first Christmas I had to go to the emergency room because I was breaking out in hives and having trouble swallowing. I was told I must have had an allergic reaction although I've never had allergies in my life. I thought perhaps since my husband has so many allergies maybe it was transferred through the pregnancy to me which the doctors said can sometimes happen. The next few months went by fairly well but I noticed my energy level was low and I was having trouble losing the weight I had gained during pregnancy. I was also having muscle and severe neck pain. I chalked it up to being older, hormones, possible perimenopause and taking care of a newborn at 41.

To be continued...