Sunday, March 13, 2016

So I tried Acupuncture Yesterday...

I had read several articles on acupuncture and Chinese herbs helping to manage pain and tremors with dystonia and gave it a go yesterday.

 I was very nervous and anxious and found it hard to relax. I actually felt a bit nauseous before the procedure and should have eaten more that morning. I was told to lay face down on a massage table and my head, of course, kept tremoring and I could not get comfortable. My arms kept trying to find a comfortable spot. She was very kind and patient with all of my movements. I kept trying to stay with my breath...deep, calming breaths. She used the needles at the top of my head, behind my ears and neck, shoulders, left ribs, lower back and ankles and feet. It was not painful at all and I felt tingling and after about a half and hour I could feel my right shoulder begin to relax. She also made me a special blend of herbs in powder form to drink as a tea for the next five days. After we left I began to feel very sick and ended up going home and vomiting for about an hour and felt like someone had given me a horse tranquilizer and cocaine. My body felt exhausted and the nausea was still around this morning. I called her and she said it is the release of all the toxins in my body and the acupuncture sometimes makes symptoms worse after the first time for a few days. I'm drinking the tea now- I'll keep you posted.

Update: Tues 03/15...Now I am not sure if I had the flu or it was the acupuncture. I am still feeling fatigued and my appetite is low. I'll try it again in the next few weeks and let you know.