Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Good Day with Dystonia is...????

Waking up and not feeling a sense of dread. Feeling hopeful.

Falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night.

A phone call from a friend, or two and not complaining, crying or mentioning dystonia...Just having a normal conversation. It's almost impossible.

Feeling strong and empowered while doing my yoga stretches and not crying.

Remembering to be mindful and breathe deeply....

Laughing or smiling. That does not happen enough. I'm trying to watch one episode a day of a comedy. Currently VEEP. It's awesome.

Making silly faces even when you don't feel very silly.

Walking without losing myself in my thoughts. Looking at the sky and the flowers and trees. 

Feeling thankful and grateful that I can walk to pick up my son at school.

Cooking a meal.

Folding laundry.

No panic or anxiety attacks.

A hot shower.

Focusing on what I can do instead of what I can no longer do.

Praying for a better tomorrow.

Please share your thoughts and what makes your days better...