Monday, May 23, 2016

PMS, Marijuana and Dystonia. The ups and downs of being a Dystonic woman.

 I am now 48 years old and have been experiencing major perimenopausal and PMS symptoms and it always seems to make my dystonia flare up. I feel like I get one week a month where my symptoms of dystonia are not as extreme. Since dystonia already causes muscle cramps and anxiety I have a full-on meltdown every month. I feel suicidal, the pain gets worse, I feel panic, anxiety and exhaustion. I'm miserable and short-tempered. Having dystonia already makes you feel possessed but when it's that time of the month-look out. I tried to see if there was any research done on PMS and perimenopause and dystonia and only found a few articles and research papers online. The text below is from Web MD.

Perimenopause, which means "around menopause," refers to the 2 to 8 years of changing hormone levels and related symptoms that lead up to menopause. The most common sign of perimenopause is longer, often irregular menstrual cycles that are caused by hormonal ups and downs.
Most women start perimenopause between ages 39 and 51. Some women begin to notice menstrual changes and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms in their late 30s when hormones begin to fluctuate and fertility naturally declines. Other women don't notice perimenopausal changes until their late 40s.

 Perimenopause is a time of unpredictability. Menstrual and hormone-related symptoms are different for every woman. Some notice few or no changes. And others have severe symptoms that disrupt their sleep and daily lives. As during the teen years, irregular cycles can lead to heavy menstrual bleeding. 

Other common symptoms include mild to severe hot flashesinsomnia, cloudy thinking, headachesheart palpitations, mood swings, irritability, depression, and anxiety. Some of these symptoms can also be related to aging and other life changes.

The past few weeks have been rough with all of the changes in my therapy. I have been experiencing more pain the past two weeks (coincidentally my PMS time) and my dystonia seemed to be flaring up. I have a friend that gave me some marijuana to try and I took one puff and it was great for about four hours. I was actually smiling while watching my son play in the yard instead of trying to contort my body into different positions trying to get comfortable. I ate a whole bag of gluten-free crackers. Then I felt queasy... and then it wore off. It did help me feel more relaxed and not as amped up. It also eased the pain. I do not enjoy the taste in my mouth and the smoking aspect of it but it was worth trying. It would be wonderful to have the medical marijuana available for dystonia. 

Here are some links I have found to recent studies on medical marijuana and dystonia.