Friday, May 5, 2017

Botox: Round III

So I am into day 10 after receiving my third round of Botox. This last time was rough for me. I ended up getting sick (a terrible head/chest cold) on top of the usual flu-like side effects from the Botox. I felt so weak and drained. 

The first few nights I woke up soaked in sweat and my appetite was low. I also had cold chills and felt feverish. I pretty much laid on the sofa for a week and tried to rest as much as possible. After 8 days I finally felt like I was getting some of my energy back. My pain has gone down a few points. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 9 before Botox and now fluctuates between a 7-8. I still have the pulling and tight muscles in my neck. It is just less intense. What is most bothersome is the disorientation. I feel like I had several margaritas (with the cheap tequila) and my head is a bowling ball floating on a pin. 

 I keep a daily journal of my symptoms and and pain level so that I can refer to my last injections and see what is different and what is the same. 

Here are the links to my journals if this interests you. 

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