Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sometimes it's not all about me...

Jason Dunn Story. He is SUPERMAN!

Jason Dunn occupation, retired playa. my girlfriend settled me down. at least for now haha. I was diagnosed at age 6. I have generalized dystonia. I’ve had Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery 5 times, my first DBS Surgery was in 2000 and I was his first dystonia patient after about a year with no results he thought he didn’t get the electrodes in the right spot so he tried moving them 4 times between 2000 and 2004 I think. the only Doctor that has helped a little was Dr. Vitek. I went to see him in 2008. I wish I could still go see him, but he moved to Minnesota. He wasn’t going to give up like my past two doctors. I’m going to go see a new Doctor December 18th. I definitely have good and bad days. one of my best friends i met through the DMRF has to be Jessica Feeley. I text, email her a lot for help, advice, and support. I’ve been on local news and TV and National Geographic. That story keeps promoting awareness on youtube. It has almost 3 milion hits and that’s how I met my girlfriend she commented on it and i commented back. I’d have to think that the world knows more about dystonia because of me and also with the help of my agent, Mike Delise, who is a life-long friend and supporter.