Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Update. The difference between torture and therapy is the outcome!

It has now been seven weeks since I saw Dr. Joaquin Farias in Toronto and started a whole new regimen of therapy and physical exercises. 

Most of the exercises are very similar to what I have been doing with Dr. Kukurin and Dr. Antonucci. The difference is that there a specific order and sequence to the process. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is something I had been trying to do since I was diagnosed, but never felt the benefits because I was not breathing properly. I was only doing it once a day for 20 minutes. Now I am doing the breathing exercises three times a day for 30 minutes and it has been very beneficial when combined with the other therapy and physical exercises. I am still using some of the exercises from Dr. K and Dr. A. as well as the new ones from Dr. F. I also get a massage from Linda at Dr. Kukurin's office once a week. That has also been very therapeutic in trying to lengthen the shortened muscles in my neck and shoulder.

Originally Dr. Farias analyzed my gait and said I walked "half sexy, half like German Soldier".  Not half bad, right?

He said that to correct my gait I needed to start jogging or running to open up my chest. By doing so, it would help me start to walk with a better posture and less rigid. Unfortunately, I had pulled my hamstring doing yoga the week before we went to Toronto, so I was very sore and needed to let that heal. Also, it has been unbearably hot and humid or raining every day here in Pittsburgh. So instead of jogging, (which I did try for about 4 days and I felt the difference in my head and neck pulling, but my hip and hamstring were not ready yet) I started the cardio dancing. 

The first few days I felt ridiculous. I took dance lessons as a kid and remembered some moves and at least have a sense of rhythm. After a few days my body finally started to let go and I felt more fluid and relaxed in my movements. 

Dr. Antonucci had asked if I had tried dancing and suggested it the first time I saw him in April of 2016, but I had not had Botox yet and was in a lot of pain. I am not sure if I would have been able to dance as well without the Botox. I think it may have been frustrating.  Dr. Farias has other patients who dance and do not use Botox. Once again, the difference is the sequence of when I do the cardio in Farias's method. I don't just wake up and go for a jog or start dancing. 

  • I eat. 
  • I rest. 
  • I breathe. 
  • I stretch. 
  • I relax the tongue. 
  • I do eye movement exercises. 
  • I do the neck exercises.
  • THEN I do the cardio.

 I also have also been swimming and floating as much as possible.  I have my 7 year-old son at home with me and this regimen takes up a lot of my day. We are lucky enough to have a community pool down the street that we can walk to. Swimming is a good way to get us out of the house and spend some fun time together. I can also use the swimming as my cardio for the day.  I use a kick-board to support my arms and have been able to do a couple of laps without it recently. 

Here is a general outline of my daily regimen.

  • 30 Minutes of Breathing, 3x per day
  • 15 Minutes of Stretching/Video exercises 3x per day
  • 30-40 Minutes of Cardio-Dancing/Walking/Jogging
  • 30-60  Minutes of Rest after eating. No TV, Screens, etc...

All-in-all it is a lot of work and some days I just want to say, screw it and wish it would all magically go away. But obviously, that is not going to happen. I do feel less pain and I do feel like I am making some progress. I had my most recent Botox injections this past Monday and my neurologist noticed a significant difference in my posture and pulling. He did not see very receptive to the "alternative" therapies and I think he feels that the Botox is the method that is doing all the work. For me, I know that it is the combination of both. 

I just feel so lucky to have found such incredible doctors and therapists who just want to see their patients get better no matter what the method is.