My Story- The Nutshell Version

My name is Tris Ann Gaydos. I am a wife and mother of two sons and in November of 2014 at the age of 46, I was Diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia and later diagnosed with Meige's Oromandibular Dystonia.

I have created this blog to share my journey with Cervical Dystonia and my later diagnosis of Meige's Oromandibular Dystonia. I made the decision to take a non-traditional approach to my healing by using Functional Neurology and I am seeing great progress. By great I mean last April on a scale of 1-10 my pain was at 13 and I was considering suicide. Not because I wanted to die but I just could not bear the pain. I kept telling myself..."One more day, One more day..." I would think of my sons and my family and all of my doctors and friends who helped me physically, financially and emotionally get the best treatment possible. I am not a quitter. I am just so tired of being in pain-it is mentally and physically exhausting.

Now, 240 days later... I would rate my pain levels between a 8 to 9 - it varies daily for no rhyme or reason. I do take medication prescribed by my neurologist to help me sleep at night. I am also not super-human. Without these medications my head flops around like a fish out of water on my pillow when I lay down. I still see my neurologist every three months for medications and she is very supportive of my decision. I had tried Botox injections twice last year (2015) and they did not help my symptoms at fact the second round made them much worse. I recently tried them again in October of 2016 and much better results. It was also a new doctor that did the injections...

After reading countless stories of other people's struggles with this disease using traditional medicine, I want to help others by making them aware of alternative treatment options that do not use medication or surgical intervention. I do not know if I will ever be 100% again and this treatment may not work for everyone, but it is SLOWLY helping me and it is truly amazing what the human body can do if you work hard at your recovery. I have many days where I would love to throw in the towel and give up. Then I look at my son's beautiful, little face and I keep on fighting.

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